Tuesday 22 October 2013

Ebi-kun delves into architectural photography...

Saturday, we went for our 2nd rabid jab and typhoid too. Ebi-kun wanted to leave at the same time as daddy who was going to work and we would be taking the same train. Great plan, except we ended up in Tokyo an hour early! Luckily, we were just down the road from the International Forum, which is a great building. i had put Ebi-kun's camera in my bag so when we got there, I let him shoot until he was bored. We explored the building, going right to the top and he got some great shots...

The clinic is about 10 minutes walk from the International Forum, so once we were finished we headed back, as we knew there was a bread festival going on. We sampled lots of types of bread and wandered the streets, found some birthday presents for daddy before heading back home. The typhoid shot is a killer and by mid afternoon we were both feeling rather grumpy along with our sore arms! Only one more jab to have then we are done! Hurrah!

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