Monday 21 October 2013

How To Make A Monster Box

We decided to give our craft supplies box a makeover. It was easy and fun to do.

What you need:
A box (we used a shoebox)
Kitchen paper
Paper glue 
Acrylic paint
White glue
Cardboard egg carton
Paintbrushes, water, cloth for spills.

Start by covering your box with a layer or two of paper towels, use the paper glue to stick the towels to the box. It may need a little time to dry.

Next, paint the white paper towels the base colour of the monster that you are going to make. We used a slime green colour.

While the painter is drying, cut out three parts from the egg carton to make the eyes. Use another section of the egg carton to make a nose. When the paint is dry, use the white glue to stick the egg cartons to the box.

Now tear some strips of kitchen paper and glue them to the base of the eyes and some more around the nose. You can also add a mouth if you like. Then make three eyebrows to go above the eyes, use the paper glue to stick these in place. Allowed to dry.

Here comes the fun part, first paint each eyeball white. Then add the iris and the pupil, add a tiny dot of white as reflection. Next, paint on the blood vessels start at the top and work down to the base of the eye, allow some red paint to dribble around the base of the eye.
As we used to slime green as the base colour for the monster, we mixed up some dark green to add definition. Have fun painting your monsters face. Allowed to dry.

We didn't have much time, so we only decorated the top of the box, turned on its side it's quite a scary monster. This technique using kitchen paper is a lot of fun and can be used for many different projects, such as the spell book that we made last year.

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