Friday 4 October 2013

I would like you to meet...Mr Meathead

 It was A-kun's birthday so the boys had a sleepover, they all had a great time. They made their own pizza and I made them something special - A-kun did ask for a ghoulish party! 

Mr Meatload Head

Mom sent me a skull cake tin last year which I haven't had chance to use, so I thought I would try a meatloaf, if is the first time I have made it and didn't realise that it would shrink, so technically it is Mr Shrunken Meatloaf Head! The eyes are hard boiled egg (eyeball tutorial here) and of course I had to turn up with children's severed fingers (severed finger tutorial here)

I also found these cool plain white card masks in the ¥100 shop, so I made the boys a bag with pens and a mask each and they went to town decorating them. Must say, the masks are pretty spooky even without being decorated. They all had a great time but like any good sleepover, they were like the walking dead the next day!


  1. That meatloaf is.... disturbing :S

    Well done ;)

    1. strange how many people don't want to come round for dinner LOL.

  2. That meatloaf is.... disturbing :S

    Well done ;)

  3. Wow that's an inprexive meatloaf!! I'm sure the kids had a great time.
    Could you share the pizza recipe? The one I make is so sticky. Thanks!

  4. I use 2 1/2c bread flour, 1c water or whey, pinch of salt and a glog of olive oil - just throw some in! Oh and yeast.
    I usually do half and half white and brown flour too.

  5. Thanks Jo! Have a nice weekend

  6. LOVE Mr Meatloaf Head and he certainly makes an impression!


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