Wednesday 20 November 2013

How to make a leaf lamp

We collected lots of treasure at the park which was just asking for some arty crafty making.

We decided to make a leave lamp. 
What you need:
A glass jar
Tea light candle
Parchment paper long enough to wrap around the hat with a bit of overlap x2

Lay the first piece of parchment on the mat, spread with glue and stick the leaves in place.

Place the second piece of parchment over the top and make a leaf sandwich.

Make sure there is no stray glue that will stick to your book. Then put a book or something heavy on top and leave it to dry.

When it is dry, wrap the parchment paper around the jar and staple the ends in place. Pop the tea light in the jar and light it then place the paper over the jar.*

*don't leave the candle unattended and be sure that the jar is deep enough so there is no naked flame able to reach the paper.

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