Friday 22 November 2013

A Visit To Our Favourite Place…

Saitama Children's Zoo! I won't rave on and on about it this time, I am sure I have brainwashed everyone into believing what a fantastic zoo it is already!

We got there just in time for the petting area and Ebi-kun headed straight to the snake! It was quite busy so there wasn't much time to really enjoy having a snake around your neck!

Ebi-kun loves the rabbits, far more than the guinea pigs, I keep expecting to hear those words 'Can we get one?'

This cracks me up, at the end of the petting hour, the guinea pigs are all put in one of the holding tables (for want of a better word) and the keeper tells everyone what is going on, the guinea pigs know what is coming next, just look at their little faces all eager in anticipation…

And then the runway is added and they all scurry down in single file as the head back to their pen, the kids point out their favourite and wave goodbye, it is all very cute!

The zoo now has a big athletic play area with lots of equipment, so we can't go and not have a play in there for an hour…

I don't want to share the picture yet, but for those in the area, next year is the year of the hours and they have it set up with a horse and a sign reading Happy New Year, well the equivalent in Japanese, you can go and stand by the horse and get your picture taken. There is a member of staff manning it and they will take the picture for you, with your camera if you want a family shot. Plus it is free!

I love these bushes, cut to celebrate the new lesser panda babies - if I was going to smuggle any animal out, it would be a lesser  panda or maybe the baby giraffe, not sure how I would get that in my bag though.

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  1. This a great place to visit with children. Pictures are looking pretty good and I can guess well from pictures that you had a great fun there.


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