Thursday 14 November 2013

Inspiring tunes for kids….

Full disclosure here, I am a punk chick myself but that doesn't mean I don't like other stuff! And it does concern me some of the music and the whole culture that comes with, the twerking episode recently for example and I have lost count of the amount of times I have seen Japanese dance groups, performing in front of mom and granny to absolutely horrendous ghetto rap with the most demeaning lyrics.

What drew me to punk in the first place (apart from cute boys with mohicans) was most of the songs are about standing up for your rights, not getting sucked into a system that you don't believe in and giving 'the man' the middle finger - something I still very much believe in.

Inciting violence and glamorising the drug, rape, gun and gang culture is something I don't agree with. Anyway, what this ramble is leading me to say is that I am always happy when I come across positive role models for Ebi-kun in the music industry. These lads are not pretty-boy boy band types, they have gone out and done it by themselves and used the Internet and their entrepreneur skills to get where they are and their messages are great too, so today's  mix tape….

I love this track, it is a great pick me up and the message is perfect for those days when you are having a bad day "You're so hot, but I'm on fire" Helz yeah!

Sean Quigley hit the big time with his version of Little Drummer Boy a couple of Christmases ago, I think he was 15 at the time, he played, mixed, videoed and filmed the whole thing himself with help from a best mate and sister. He is a christian, shares what he believes in and cool, I hope he inspires other kids to get up and do something…

Mike Tompkins is an acapella artist and brilliant, this first track will blow you away, there are NO instruments and thanks to Mike, Ebi-kun has been checking out how to beat box! Mike has duetted with loads of artists, it is not the track especially that I find inspiring, more the way that he has gone the non traditional route and got his name out there. You can download the track for free HERE

And finally, a bit more Mike with Peter Hollens, just wanted to leave you with a ear worm of a song with a fantastic message, very uplifting and motivating…

I do think the intro of this song would be perfect for a TV ad, I see a happy teenager, skipping down a path through  the park after popping some multi-vitamins!

So, that is my little mix-tape for you, do you have anything on the same sort of lines to share, I am always on the look out for more.

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