Monday 11 November 2013

The end of an era?

I have to say, eating out in Japan is great. On a whole, there is a great attitude to kids in restaurants and apart from the 'family restaurants' the kids meals tend to be healthy and balanced. Until recently, when we have eaten out as a family, Ebi-kun has shared mine and daddy's dishes, the staff happily supply and extra bowl and utensils but…the last couple of weeks, Ebi-kun has been having a growth spurt and eating far more than usual, to the point we have to order him his own meal!

I know friends who have been ordering their kids full meals since yochien, so we have gotten off lightly really :) This was at 'The Little Door restaurant, that's not it's real name, it does have a little door though! Their set lunches are great, there is usually 2 different pasta sets, an Asian set, Chinese Set, a bowl set and steak. Ebi-kun went for the bowl set, raw tuna with avocado on rice, pork soup, salad, pickles and cake. He managed most of it but daddy had to finish it off!

On a completely different note, I spotted this the store the other day, it made me laugh because, yes it is!

How old were your kids when they started having an adults meal and are kids meals good or junk food where you live?

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