Saturday 23 November 2013

Run Boy Run…

Had a full on day Thursday. It started off with me on flag duty. Almost all the elementary kids walk to school in Japan, they have walking groups and have to go along a set route. In the mornings there are parents dotted along the way, especially on busy intersections to make sure the kids are safe but they don't walk with any adults. Usually about half the kids mumble 'Ohio Gozaimasu' (good morning) and I usually do the same back but this time I thought I would liven things up a bit. So instead of saying it in Japanese I said it in English in a very over the top chirpy voice. It was hysterical - most of the kids are in zombie-half-asleep mode and it made them jump out of their skin

Sometimes I feel like the real me gets squashed here because how I would naturally act in a situation is not 'the Japanese way'. So after waving the flag and scaring half the kids in the neighbourhood I went back home and got a bit of work done. In the mean time hubby was getting some city hall paperwork done and renewing his license, he picked me up in time to go to school to watch the kids doing the marathon. They say marathon, I say running round the block. We cheered Ebi-kun on but when we spoke to him later he said he didn't know we were there!

Then we went for lunch, popped over to Yamaya to buy a bottle of baileys, came out of there with 4 bags of shopping and a much lighter wallet! then it was back to school for the parents meeting. Everything is going well, the bullying seems to have stopped. L-chan, the instigator in his walking group has come to her senses and we haven't heard any more complaints about her for a good while. Academically he is doing great but sensei said his Japanese writing could do with being neater! I fell about laughing at this, hubby's writing is terrible, never mind and engineer, he should have been a doctor and it looks like Ebi-kun is the same BUT Ebi-kun's English writing is beautiful! What can I say?

After school we had to go and buy a new pencil case - it has to be a specific style, not any old pencil case. Then the boys went to play football and I whipped up a new bag. I prepped dinner, hubby cooked and Ebi-kun did his homework. We got to sit down and eat together, lovely change on a Thursday evening!

Enough about me, how has your week been?

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