Sunday 15 December 2013

A Fairy Tale Wedding with a difference…

We got 'paper married' on December 15th 2003, so today it is our real wedding anniversary, we didn't have the ceremony until the 28th and that is the day we tend to think of as our wedding day. I have posted about our crazy fun wedding in Cambodia here, what I have never posted about before is our slightly insane wedding party in the UK.

We decided to go with a fairy tale wedding theme and asked everyone to come in costume, it was brilliant and so much fun. This post is rather picture heavy but they are worth it!

The girls!

My Uncle Gra as Gandalf, he didn't really need much to get the look! And my cousin Jude as Maid Marian.

This was The Baron, the host. We had the party in a 15th century hall and I sneakily suspect that The Baron was around when they built it!

My Nana as the Fairy Godmother and Queen Mom

King Den and Queen Fran taking a dance! I think several glasses of wine had been consumed at this stage.

The fairy Godmother wondering where her sherry is…

These were my first ever students and they came over from Italy for the party! What does it say about Italian fairytales when one comes dressed as a Mafia gangster?

My younger brother complained about having to dress up, said he wasn't going to do it and had a big sulk, then turned up in a green fairy outfit! He assures me those boobs are his own…

Queen Kez and King Mark who traveled down from the North, looking very posh and proper.

Prince Charming ditched Cinderella for the night and hooked up with Snow White, I'm not sure what happened to the 7 dwarves, very suspicious if you ask me.

 The food was a traditional medieval feast, which was quite bemusing for some of the overseas guests, didn't stop Yasutoki digging in…

The drinks were quaffed, the food devoured, there was some mad entertainment and some interesting dance moves…

Even The Fairy Godmother was getting in on the act.

Of course there was the cutting of the cake, I can say from experience, that a samurai sword isn't really suitable for cutting a cake!

We had tequila slammers for the toast drink, my Nana had never had a slammer before and got it all wrong so she had to have a second one! (That is her excuse anyway). It was a fantastic night and so much fun to see everyone in their amazing costumes. Sadly it was all too much for poor Little Red Riding Hood…

Looking at all these pictures makes me want to do it all again!


  1. Happy anniversary!! Love those pictures, looks like it was a really fun day for everyone.


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