Saturday 14 December 2013

Make A Christmas Tree - tutorial

One of Eric's challenges was to make a tree to add to our genkan forest. This one involved sewing, Ebi-kun is getting quite handy with the needle and thread these days…

Here is a quick tutorial…

Start with two identical triangles of felt, outs were 10cm x 12cm

Next, sew on lots of sequins, you could use buttons instead or French knots if you are all out of sequins and buttons! We only sewed them to one side but you could do both.


Place the two triangles together and stitch all around the edge, start from the bottom and make sure you leave a space to stuff it.

Add a bit of stuffing to the tree then poke a lolly pop stick in the hole, you could use a short pencil instead. Stitch up the gap.

This step was a bit tricky, we used a PET bottle lid as the base and filled it with glue, you need to hold the tree in place as you fill with glue. An extra hand is helpful here!

Once it is full dry it is done…

The tree to the right is a polystyrene cone, covered with felt and the sequins are held in place with sewing pins. A great fine motor skills activity for younger kids who can't yet do the sewing.

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