Friday 10 January 2014

Does Santa visit Laos?

Of course he does! But just with a couple of small gifts since mommy and daddy didn't want to lug everything around! I was just happy that the meds were working and we had all had a good nights sleep.

Once we had polished off more pancakes and fresh fruit, we went into town to another tour company Tiger Trails, we had a private tour booked with them so we managed to change that to fit the new schedule. Once that was sorted we went for a yomp up a bloody big hill!

Phu Si is the big hill that overlooks the town, I am sure the view would have been more spectacular in the afternoon but it would have already hot and the yomp up all 6 squillion steps was hard enough in the morning when it was still cold!

Coming down the other side we came across loads of different Buddhas, this chap is my favourite, I think he was the Tuesday Buddha...

Of course, more gold snakes and dragons were to be found and we had a chat with a some monks who just seemed to be hanging around talking to tourists.

We made our way back towards town and saw some monks crossing the bamboo bridge, The bridge is only there during the dry season, the rest of the time the river is too high and the bridge breaks. Each year one family rebuilds the bridge, did make me wonder how they do it. During the day time there is also a small toll fee to cross the bridge, this is how the family make their money. Were we brave enough to cross it? Wait and see.

Come back tomorrow to find out what kind of afternoon Christmas adventure we had *hint* it had nothing to do with the Queens speech or passing out from too much turkey!

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