Saturday 11 January 2014

How I Reach My Goals (and how you can too)

A wee interruption between the adventure posts!

One thing I often get asked by friends and readers is "How do you get so much stuff done?" So I thought it was about time I shared my secrets so that you can have a super productive and successful year this year too!

What I do…

In 2012, I decided I would step out of my comfort zone as much as possible, and that really changed a lot for me that year. I joined B-school, launched my Organized Chaos and did so many things that really made me feel uncomfortable but that paid off and got me one step closer to my goals. I continued that challenge last year and it rocked, to the point where I actually enjoy putting myself in those positions now! The adrenalin becomes addictive.

My challenges last year were to get a book published – Montessori Inspired Activities was born and to create a platinum mentoring program, Secrets Of A Rock Star Mom. Both were very steep learning curves and both meant stepping out of my comfort zone a lot!. Last year was great but I have decided that this year is going to be even better!

Why am I telling you all this?

Because I know it can be scary and difficult to go after what you really want, not only do you have to battle other peoples negative responses to your dreams and goals, 90% of us also have to battle of own Negative Nancy giving us a hard time in our head! “It will never work“, “You don’t have enough experience“, “You will never manage it“… Shut up already!

I often get complimented on how much stuff I get done, of course, in my head I am thinking, yeah but I haven’t finished this and I need to do that, but when I sit back I realize I do get a lot of stuff done. How? Do I have access to a time machine or have extra hours in my day, sadly not. The answer is….

Now, this is no new concept but it is one that gets dismissed a lot, and I am not talking about declaring on Facebook that you are quitting smoking or going to shed 20kgs, that alone won’t work, it will just make you look foolish when you fail. This is what I am I talking about and what works for me…

The Mastermind Group

I am in a mastermind with 3 other business owners, our businesses are completely different but we all went through B-school so we have that in common. It is our place to brainstorm new ideas, shout out our frustrations, brag about our accomplishments and to support each other. Each morning, I pop into our g+ group and share my 3 business related to-do’s for the day. Later I go back and confirm that I did them or explain myself if I didn’t. We also have a google hangout ever 2 weeks to keep us all motivated, this is my rock. Find people who have similar goals, are positive, ambitious and will have your back when times get tough and form your own group.

Accountability Partner

Again, my partner and I got together at the start of B-school, I really enjoy our weekly Skype chat, it is great for bouncing ideas around and getting a fresh perspective on things. Like the mastermind group it’s also good to have someone there to call you out if you are not putting your arse into gear. Sometimes, another person can see why you are dragging your feet over doing something and help you work out what the block is and how to get around it. For a 1:1 partner, having a couple of things in common helps and again, supportive and positive people are the ones you want to look out for.

Accountability Journal

Done It! started out as a load of printed PDF sheets, I used the money tracking from the Lucky Bitch course and my own for the goal setting and just random journals for gratitude, brain storming and brain dumping. It was messy. Then I put together a journal for my platinum clients which went down well and I used it too, it seriously helped me and them to reach our goals, big and small. Because it is so useful and really works, I made some tweaks and got it published into a real paper journal! Hurrah, no more messy or lost bits of paper.

This is not a self help book, there are plenty of them out there, this is the kick in the butt, get it done, reach your goals book! It includes space for a daily brain dump – to keep your mind fresh and at its best; goal setting and tracking, of course broken in to baby steps; a place for your daily gratitude (one of the proven aspects that successful people have in common); your daily to-do’s; daily menu plan and money tracking. Everything you need for success in one place.

It is available on Amazon or the Book Depository which has FREE international Shipping.

Not Just For Business Goals!

Just so there is no confusion, it doesn’t matter what your big dream or goal is, using this system will work for you. If it is losing weight, writing a book, saving to go on a fancy holiday, the same system can be applied. If you really want to get your stuff done this year and not just make half hearted resolutions then the accountability journal is what you need to get you there. (I recommend a mastermind and partner too but the journal is the key).

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Over to you, what is your big goal for the year? Got a plan on how to achieve it? Share in the comments section…

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