Sunday, 5 January 2014

Make snow at home…

I found this on pinterest but when I clicked through to the blog it opened a malware window so I am not going to link to it. Anyway you only need 2 things for this and it is fun!

Baking soda and shaving cream, yep, that is it!

I recommend doing it in a big tub or baking tray to cut down on the mess. Pour the baking soda in then, add the shaving cream, mix it together until you get a good constancy.
It's funny, when Ebi-kun was a toddler he went through a stage where he hated touching things, a sensory bin was his idea of hell, now he can't wait to get his hands in there!

Anyone for a snowball fight?

Building a snowman was a bit trickier, bit like when you try and build a snowman with powder snow, needed some extra shaving cream…

But he got there in the end. Best bit is that it doesn't melt! The 'snow' smells lovely and actually feels cold. This would be so much fun for kids who don't get real snow!

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  1. Just wanted to double check that you used baking powder, not baking soda. And, did you use a whole can of each? What ratios? This looks like a winner…just don't want an epic fail. :)

    1. I just checked, it is baking soda! As for ratio, I just played it by ear until we got a good consistency

  2. so cool! would love to make this soon. happy new year!


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