Wednesday 19 February 2014

Flu Days…

I don't know if this rules exists outside of Japan, but here, when a certain percentage of kids are off sick with flu the school closes the class down. Ebi-kun went to school as normal on Monday but then we got a message saying his class was shut for the next two days!

I follow the logic with this, they are trying to contain the flu and I am pretty sure that any child who has flu, their siblings have to stay home too. BUT, sensei told Ebi-kun that it was OK to go and play after school on the Monday but Tuesday and Wednesday he has to stay inside the whole time!

Must be that the Japanese flu vies is very intelligent! 

This must suck for working moms, and it was one of the reasons that I wanted to have a location independent business, so that sick days and holidays don't screw things up too much for me and the business. Of course sensei sent a load of homework to be done, so we came up with a schedule, he did his homework and I ploughed through the important stuff for work, the we would kick back and do some stuff for fun. 

Ebi-kun has recently got into computer coding, we are using the program on Khan Academy, it is great and he is loving it…a bit too much lol. He can't wait to get started today because he is just starting the animation unit.

I think Khan Academy have done an excellent job with the way they have set up the website, I love how everything is broken down into itty bitty bite sized chunks, there is the whole thing of getting through levels and getting awards that this 'gaming' generation are drawn towards and it also allows parents/teachers to see how the child is progressing, where they are getting stuck and where they might need extra help.

When we first signed up they only has the maths program but they have a whole range of subjects now.

Today, we are cleaning the bathroom, making bread, doing work/homework, more animation coding and no doubt I will be able to sneak some crafting in along the way!

So, flu days - do they exist where you live?

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