Thursday 27 February 2014

Ice-Cream Wars

I has been an exciting week with the whole Ikea feature, I still have to keep pinching myself! Unfortunately it has been somewhat over shadowed by us all being sick! Not only that but the hay-fever season has started so add extra sniffles and itchy eyes into the mix - what fun, not!

Our local click is a father and son outfit, the son is great and I have discovered he actually speaks English, unfortunately I got to see the father yesterday. He has had a tracheotomy, so he uses a little gadget to speak, which makes him sound, somewhat like a cross between Darth Vader and a dalek. This makes trying to understand his Japanese really, really difficult. The only thing I came away understanding, is that I don't have diabetes! The other problem when I go to the doctor here is if I am the one who is sick, all my Japanese leaves me and I can't remember ever the easiest of words - so annoying, brain fog.

I left armed with herbal medicine, eye drops and nasal spray for the hay fever and painkillers for the mystery pain in the back/kidney.

The good thing about being sick is that it gives you a genuine excuse to buy ice-cream! I have seen these special edition Haagan Daas flavours about so it was a perfectly good reason to try them out!

Japan has this thing about season special flavours, it is quite amazing really. You can buy kit-kats in all kinds of weird and wonderful flours, I have to say, with kit-kats just the regular plain Jane flavour is my favourite. Anyway, back to ice-cream...

Hands down, the Rose flavour wins, it really reminded me of Turkish Delight, especially with the jelly topping, rather yummy, Ebi-kun preferred the rose too. The sakura - cherry blossom was nice but in a bland sort of way, I didn't not like it but I won't be in a hurry to buy it again. 

I think the rest of the day will entail curling up on the sofa with the boy and a book and a film. If anyone wants to pop by and make me some nice chicken soup, that would be lovely!

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