Monday 3 March 2014

Easy Draft Excluder Tutorial - Suitable For Beginners And Kids!

We rustled up a couple of these the other day, super easy and even the kids can make them!

What you need:
Fleece or felt 70cm x 50cm
felt scraps for the spikes
2 buttons for eyes
Ribbon for the tongue 10cm
Sewing notions

1. Cut out the fleece, it doesn't have to be perfect, if it is a bit wonky, it will have more character! Fleece is good to use because it doesn't fray, making it easy to work with for kids.
2. Cut triangles from the felt scraps to make the spikes, roughly 8cm x12cm
3. Pin the triangles along the top edge, pointing downward.
4. Fold over the fabric and pin together. Sew along one short edge and the long edge.
5. Turn right side out.
6. Stuff.
7. Cut a "v" in one end of the ribbon, pop in the open end and sew up the gap.
8. Sew on the button eyes.
9. Place in front of a draft door.

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