Monday 17 February 2014

Way-Hey It's A Snow Day!

I am sure there are plenty of people rolling their eyes right now, but this snow stuff is a pretty big deal where we live. We don't get to see much snow, so I expected the previous weekends flurry would be our annual dollop…apparently not!

Friday it was snowing steadily all day but didn't start sticking until mid afternoon, by Friday night it was coming down thick and fast…

Yasutoki was supposed to be going to work the next day but our local train wasn't running, snow day! So, once a month Yasutoki works on a Saturday, which means we have a full day of mommy and Ebi-kun time. Since we don't get so much time to do cool stuff these days, I usually have something exciting planned. This week we did a load of kitchen science experiments, some bread making and then succumbed to the Olympics. I will do separate posts for the experiments.

In the afternoon the snow turned to rain and then it stopped so all the neighbours were out clearing the road. The people across the road had their carport smashed in from the snow sliding off the roof, I feel really sorry for them, this is the second time it has happened and they supposedly had their roof fixed so that it wouldn't happen after the first incident.

We were lucky, we didn't have any blackouts here and Yasutoki had made it home before the weather got bad, plenty of people had to suffer a cold night! 

Sunday, the boys went off to aikido, I stayed home and sewed, then after lunch we went to the supermarket. Well, they dropped me off so Ebi-kun could go and get his haircut, usually I am just finishing up when they get back…not this time, I was stuck in the supermarket for almost 2.5 hours!

And the supermarket was hardly a barrel of fun…obviously the delivery trucks hadn't been able to get through, there was no eggs, tofu or fish, very little meat, bread and milk and a poor selection of fruit and veg - basically all the fresh stuff. Made for an interesting shopping experience! It was somewhat reminisce of just after the earthquake.

Fun times! Hope your weekend was more exciting!
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