Tuesday 11 March 2014


It is hard to believe that the Great Tohoku Earthquake was 3 years ago, in some respects it still feels so raw although we have to move on with our lives. That day changed so much for so many people, for myself I realised that I needed to have allocation independent business so that if we need to leave, we could and we would have a financial safety net.

It took me a while to get going but I am grateful for finding B-school and the amazing communities it introduced me to. Now I no longer feel trapped, I get to hang out with cool people who are on the same wave length and I now believe it is totally doable to have a location independent business and still do the stuff I love.

It saddens me that so many people are still stuck living in temporary housing and that so much of the donated money is still sat there, not being put to use - poor management, I'm sure. And of course it makes my blood boil when we hear the latest news about Fukushima and the mishandling of the nuclear disaster.

Dwelling on the past doesn't do anyone any good so today I will be focusing on the future, thankful that I have the opportunity to make a difference and help other people. At 2.46pm, I will take a few minutes to remember those who lost their lives, homes, families and friends. 

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