Thursday 13 March 2014

Falling In Love With A Book All Over Again

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I know some people love reading the same book more than once, I am not one of those people, usually once I have read it, that is it. Done. You can imagine my pain when having to read the same pictures books over and over again - thank goodness we are past that stage. 

Even though Ebi-kun is eight and a half, we still read to him at bed time, daddy does it at the weekends in Japanese and I read to him during the week. It is part of the bedtime routine and we all love it, it is also the time of day when Ebi-kun will open up and tell me things that are bothering him. Some nights I just want to stick him in bed and be done with it but reading somehow diffuses any tension, a good way to end the day.

Brendon Chase was one of the few books that I did read several times when I was a kid, loved it! And it is one of the only books that I kept from my childhood. I didn't realise at the time but it is very much a boys book. It is about 3 brothers who have to stay with their aunt whilst their parents are in the colonies and they decide to run away rather than return to boarding school.

They find a hollow oak tree in the chase and make it home and then have all kinds of adventures from catching rabbits to stealing the policeman's trousers! I wasn't sure Ebi-kun would enjoy it, it is set in a different era and different country to where he is growing up so I thought maybe he wouldn't 'get it' - I was wrong, he is loving it as much as I did and I am loving reading it again after all these years!

Is there a book you loved as a kid and your kids are now loving it too? We have read many of the classics too but this book never seemed very popular and I have never met anyone else who has read it!

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