Monday 24 March 2014

Last minute trip to the mountains…

It was a long weekend here this last weekend, so Friday we went to watch the new Hobbit film  LOVED it. Half expected Ebi-kun to have orc related nightmares but all was good! Then Saturday, we checked the weather and decided to sneak in another day of snowboarding!

When we got there, the weather was glorious…

We had hoped to book Ebi-kun in for a private lesson but they didn't have one available so it was down to daddy to do the teaching…

We headed up the gentle slope for the first couple of runs, it is wide and not so crowded, perfect for beginners and there are also some small side runs for those wanting to go a bit faster or harder!

We saw loads of little kids out, all about 3 or 4 years old, having 1:1 lessons. I would say, the first time we went up, 90% of these kids were bawling. Screaming, I don't want to, I'm tired, no, no, no! It looked like the same group of kids still at it in the afternoon but by that time they were all just glazed over. A few of them did actually look like they were enjoying it but I would say the majority were just resigned to the fact that this is what they had to do. Poor things!

Brief break to top up on energy - which was an extremely over priced cup of hot chocolate with about 5 tsps of sugar in it! I love this picture of Ebi-kun, I can see him hanging out with his mates in another 10 years time, with a flock of girls swoon after them!

All in all and excellent day, we left the house at 7am and got back around 8.30pm, absolutely shattered! I doubt we will be able to make it up again as it is near the end of the season, but now we know it is doable in a day, we will plan more for next season!

Spring break starts on Thursday so we will be able to get some serious crafting and exploring done! That said, he is off today and only at school for half days on Tuesday and Wednesday. We also have to go through all his school stuff, make sure everything still has its name on it, change all the class labels and all that jazz! And then he will be a third grader!


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