Wednesday 26 March 2014

Magic Water Trick

A quick and fun trick for you to try! Can you pour water out of a jug and get it into the jar without the jug being over the jar?

What you need…

A large jug
Piece of yarn/wool
A jar
A tray
A small assistant

  1. Fill the jug with water
  2. Dip the yarn in the water to get it wet
  3. Tie one end of the yarn to the jug handle
  4. Place the jar on the tray (to catch any spills - easy clean up)
  5. Pull the yarn so it is taut over the lip of the jug and the end goes into the jar
  6. Now pour the water out of the jug, slowly. It should travel down the yarn and into the jar, you will probably have some spills as you try and get the hang of it.


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