Wednesday 23 April 2014

Bilingual Play Group Easter Egg Hunt

As the kids are getting older and have their own things to do, it is getting more and more difficult to have get togethers, which is a shame. We always do the egg hunt though and it is always great fun. Usually Eater Sunday falls on the same weekend as the 'perfect cherry blossom viewing day' but not this year. Which was good in a way because we didn't have to battle for a picnic spot. 

We usually send the kids to go and look around the big squirrel enclosure whilst the rest of the adults hide the eggs BUT the squirrel enclosure was damaged with the snow a couple of months back and will be closed for the rest of the year, luckily the kids were too busy playing football to care!

Ready to start the hunt…

We also had to use a different spot to hide the eggs and it turned out to be a bit harder than usual! We will know for next time. Once the eggs were found we had a picnic lunch, we had a great spot under one of the cherry blossom trees. The weather wasn't great, certainly rather chilly but at least it didn't rain!

We seem to be over run with boys at the moment which is a bit rubbish for the girls, especially since their ages are so spread out. Of course the boys were just happy to be playing football at every chance. I organised a treasure hunt of sorts, last years was too easy to I had to up my game, so I made the questions but wrote them in code.
Once they had cracked the first easy code they had to go and ask Yasutoki with the magic word to get the code breakers….

I had a spare copy of the quiz so I gave it to a couple of the dads, it took them soooo long to figure out the magic word! The kids got it straight away. Do you know it? You probably say it to your kids too…What's the magic word?


I was really impressed how well the kids worked together in teams to figure out how to break each code and then go and find the answer to the questions…

And of course they needed a special prize for all their hard work…

I only do this to entertain myself really! The kids all thought it was funny which is what I love, not sure what the new families to the group thought, best they know know about my daft sense of humour, rather than Halloween!

And guess how the day finished? Yes, more football - Lads vs Dads, the lads are getting much better and the dads are getting older, won't be long before the lads are wiping the floor with the dads. Dave - one of the dads just wouldn't quit until the dads had scored a goal! He is worse than all the kids put together :)

Another great, fun filled day! Did you get up to anything exciting for Easter?

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