Friday 25 April 2014

Picasso and Yorkshire Puds

We went to the MOMA gallery in Kita Urawa for more research for my new book and there happened to be a Picasso exhibit on, Picasso is Ebi-kuns favourite artist so he was super excited to go.

The park that the museum is set in is lovely and has a number of sculptures in it, Ebi-kun said this one reminded him of the Gaudi park we went to in Barcelona…

I asked him about this pieces, whether it reminded him of something. Took him quite a long time before he remembered that at it kindergarten they have another similar sculpture by the same artist in the kindy grounds, of course all the kids clamber on it and it has some shiny spots from where they slide down it.

The exhibition was mainly ceramics, some of which we have seen before, I think they were maybe on lone from the Picasso museum in Hakone. Ebi-kun enjoyed doing the treasure hunt and spent quite a long time sketching different pieces. We weren't able to take photos inside, that annoys me a bit, I understand not taking flash photography but there isn't much need for that these days when you have a semi decent camera and/or photoshop!

Ebi-kun doing his Picasso cubism face!

We had some interesting conversations in there, there were several pieces depicting bull fighting so that was one big conversation and then others about the way Picasso painted simple looking paintings but actually they were difficult and you understand the feelings from the painting. It fascinates me, the observations kids have about art.

Then we headed off for lunch, Ebi-kun wanted to try out a new cafe, Rosies cafe, which does oven baked pancakes, which are basically Yorkshire puddings! We decided to share, so we had a parma ham and salad filled pud first…

And for afters, cinnamon apple, with ice-cream and caramel - so-so good!

It turned out to be a late lunch then we had a bit of shopping to do then headed home. Daddy had to work so it was another mama and boy day out!

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