Thursday 8 May 2014

Camping Shenanigans…

We headed to the mountains in Gunma, near Karuizawa for this Golden Weeks camp and one of our bilingual playgroup families came with us. Sunday the weather was nice so we went to Oni-oshi-dashi which is a volcanic stone magma park.

The park was formed in 1783 when Mount Asama erupted, Oni in Japanese in devil and when the eruption happened the locals thought it was the devil throwing out the rocks from the mountain. Hard to believe these days…

It is a weird type of landscape, with large of strange shaped clumps of rock all around…

Two cheeky little devils…

After lunch Ebi-kun went fishing with N-kun, between them they caught 11 fish, it was the first time Ebi-kun had been and he was so excited that he had caught the biggest - not sure why N-kun is looking so glum (possible fed up of Ebi-kun and his big fish story!)

The people at the fishing place prepared the fish then N-kuns dad BBQ'd them. You know how much I love fish (not!) and I can honestly say that it absolutely stank! Ebi-kun loved it though and being aware of how food ends up on his plate is really important.

Dinner was more BBQ, admittedly after all that fish there wasn't much space for anything else, except…

 Giant marshmallows!

We also managed to squeeze in some educational stuff. He wanted to know how torches work - the type you would use if you were suddenly transported back to the middle ages, not the electric variety. A long stick, toilet roll and cooking oil did the trick! 

After all that we had a very tired little fella! It was REALLY bloody cold up there at night, so we ended up zipping the two adult sleeping bags together, and all getting in, Ebi-kun was in his sleeping bag in a bag! And we had extra blankets but it was still cold! Decent sleeping bags are going on my wish list for next year!

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