Tuesday 6 May 2014

Time To Celebrate!

Who'd have thought, that when I started this journey 7 years ago I would still be here? Not me, that's for sure, the girl who couldn't keep a diary longer than a week!

So put the kettle on and help yourself to a cupcake as we take a wee trip down memory lane…

One of my first posts was of Ebi-kun sorting colours, or baby-ebi as he was known back then. I had no idea that years later this picture would end up in a book!

2008 the blog started to get a following, I installed a widget that showed my visitors had come from and I would get ridiculously excited when a new country was added to the list! I organised my first swaps that year, these were amazing not only for making new friends but supplied us with a great amount of resources for our Montessori education…

2008 saw the opening of my Etsy store and the release of my first ever pattern! And this was the start of my online entrepreneurial business, the pattern is still for sale along with all the others but now I only sell in digital format. Click here to check out the shop.

2009 and we took a trip to the UK and Barcelona! It was also the first year we went camping and Ebi-kuns first encounter with rock stars, we had back stage passes to Summer Sonic thanks to The Enemy.

2010 was another first - this time a broken arm! And the start of yochien, I was thrown in head first to this new way of life. I also landed my first magazine feature in Sew Hip and then went on to be a regular contributor.

2011, March 11th at 2.46pm everything changed. It was the day of the Tohoku Earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster and nothing was quite the same afterwards. My bloggy friends that I had grown to love over the years were AMAZING and pulled out all the stops. I put together an auction to raise money and so many kind people donated goods, from all four corners of the world. I could have never pulled it off without you.

Ebi-kun designed this bracelet for a raffle winner and it was made by the lovely Rita from Surfing Silver

2012 saw the launch of My Organized Chaos, after the events of 2011, I believed I needed a location independent biz and so I moved all my patterns over to digital and started thinking about setting up an online course. I signed up for Marie Forleo's B-school and suddenly my whole world grew tenfold.

It was also the year Ebi-kun started school! Really, it happened so fast!

2013 was another big year with the launch of my second program, Clear The Clutter and the launch of my first proper book Montessori Inspired activities For Pre-Schoolers which went straight to number one in the Amazon ranking, much to my amazement and delight. The end of the year we celebrated with a trip to Laos and Cambodia which was just fantastic.

Which brings us to 2014 and who knows what the future holds, but you can bet your bottom dollar I will be sharing all the gossip on here :)

Thank you so much for your support of the years, for sticking with me through the ups and downs, I doubt I would have stuck at it for so long if no-one was ready ! xxx


  1. Seven years! That's brilliant. Your blog has been a constant source of inspiration and amusement Jo - I can't wait to see what happens in the next 7 years!

  2. Congratulations....here's to another seven years and more :-)

  3. Congratulations....here's to another seven years and more :-)

  4. That's amazing! I wish I had had your blog when my son was little, but I'm really enjoying CTC now!!

  5. I've travelled all round London but have kept Ebi-kun's designed bracelet safe behind glass. I adore wearing it but it's to precious to damage or lose :D
    Congratulations on 7 years! May there be many more!! =^.^=


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