Tuesday 27 May 2014

Our Weekend In Pictures

My husband had something on in Tokyo on Saturday so Ebi-kun and I went on a mission…to find Kit-Kats! Now, as daft as that sounds, Japan has all kinds of seasonal flavoured kit-kat and a friend had sent us a box of different kinds of Tim-Tams so we were looking for Kit-Kats to send in return. So, we headed to Ikebukro and Ebi-kun decided he was going to find the shop by himself, all we knew was that is was in the basement of the Seibu store. He managed to get us there, for anyone who has ever been in a Japanese train station, you will know that it was no mean feat! 

It was somewhat a disappointment, they only had 5 types of Kit-Kat, one was sold out and one was regular plus the queue was massive so we gave up and headed to a 7/11 instead!

I did spot these rather adorable macaroons though…

We headed to Ueno and grabbed something to eat from the station, no, we didn't try one of these fruit sandwiches…

We found a nice spot for a picnic in Ueno park and as an added bonus…

We got free entertainment whilst we ate!

After lunch we had a wander then headed down to Ameyoko Dori to see if we could get Ebi-kun some new shoes, it is 2 or 3 main streets which are linked by these little alleys..

Basically, all that is sold on the street is food and clothes, more specifically, stinky fish and shoes - I'll save you from the 'sole' joke.

We found the shoes and treated ourselves to Melon On A Stick, great but messy!

How cute are these panda barriers?

We headed back to the park and had a wander around but Ebi-kun started complaining about all the walking - how come kids can play football for 3 hours straight but ask them to walk up and down a couple of streets and suddenly their legs stop working!

So we went to the science museum and tried out all the experiments, luckily it wasn't very busy.

Daddy called just as we were leaving the museum, so we met up with him at the station and headed back to Omiya where we had dinner.

Turned out to be a very long day! But it was fun just to hang out with no specific plan for a change, we did find some kit-kats and ended up ordering some online. Can't show the haul yet, not until our friend gets them!


  1. Aw, this has reminded me how much fun Tokyo is! Melon on a stick! I'll give the fruit butties a miss though.

    1. was it melon we had at Osaka castle or pineapple? Messy whatever it was!


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