Monday 12 May 2014

Then it was back home for cake…

The last night at camp it rained, a lot! It was a good job I didn't need to get up in the night to pee, some clever improvisation would have been going on. Of course after the rainy night we woke to a beautiful day, now why couldn't we have had this weather the day before? 

And yes, that is snow on those mountains, we even saw snow up close in the various places we stopped at over the weekend, that tells me that we need warmer sleeping bags!

After breakfast we broke camp quite quickly and headed off home…

It was a loooong drive but we managed to miss any major traffic jams thanks to google maps. We stopped off at the supermarket and I picked up cake, if was my 7 year blogaversary after all! I was quite surprised to see a novelty cake here, which is odd, you would have thought the Japanese would go nuts for them!

So, that was that, Golden Week wrapped up for another year, our next camping date will be July! No need for winter sleeping bags then!

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