Sunday 11 May 2014

Toy's Kingdom…

The second full day at camp we decided to check out Toy's Kingdom. I think the park is actually better suited to younger children, there were lots of rides and Anpanman type of things going on. I should also say that I was feeling like death warmed up, so that may have clouded my judgement somewhat!

There were a few good activities for Ebi-kun, this was a wooded area with zip lines and giant swings plus rope ways and wobbly bridges. You get 30 minutes in there, which just happened to be the right amount of time!

Next up was the mini rollorcoaster, it loops around 3 times and I really don't think it was worth the 40 minutes wait time to get on…the boy may disagree!

Then we did the ferris wheel, Ebi-kun proclaimed that it was a baby one, after going on the London eye, I think most ferris wheels will now be babies. Did I mention how cold it was?

And I failed to get a photo of the best bit - a 3D maze. You have to pay an extra ¥500 each to go on but it was fun, it even got miss grumpy-pants here smiling for a while. Not suitable for those who are not very athletic! Lots of clambering and climbing, going up and down and finding trap doors. We all agreed that it was the best thing at the park. It does get super busy and we did have to wait quite a while to get in.

When we left the maze the heavens opened, at the point I really had had enough so we headed off for some lunch then the boys hit the onsen (thermal spring bath) normally I go in but I was feeling really rough at this stage.

Then it was back to camp for a slightly soggy BBQ and a really early night!

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