Sunday 4 May 2014

What we did on Showa day…

Showa Day is a national holiday, it was the previous emperors birthday so for some reason we get the day off! We get the current emperors birthday off on December 23rd too. Anyway, we decided to go and try out a new park, it had quite a good training section…

Lots of things to climb on, perfect for the little monkey..

It also had a walkway through a marshy area - won't be going back when it is mosquito season! There wasn't much in the way of wildlife to be seen, maybe too early in the year.

Ebi-kun has been playing kick base at school, from what I gather it's a mix of football and baseball, he wanted to practice so we got roped in, I must say, I'm still not 100% sure of what the sure are all about!

"On me head son…"

Then we went for lunch and bumped into one of his yochien friends moms, she was waiting tables at the restaurant, of course that led the rest of the meal into reminiscing mode. Obviously we hadn't had enough exercise for the day so we went to do some putting, we were the only ones doing it, which was just as well considering our golfing skills! Good fun though. By the time we got home though, I had a stinking headache, I think it was no thanks to the change in weather.

All in all, Showa day was a nice, laid back family kinda day, just how I like them.

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