Monday 5 May 2014

Whats happening…

I just realised that I haven't really shared with you what I have been up to work wise for a while, I do like to keep you in the loop. Well, this year Clear The Clutter will now have 2 sign up periods, one is done and dusted, the next one will be in November this year. Next year, I might drop it down to one intake, we'll see.

My Organized Chaos is getting a make-over, a lot of the original content will be still be included but I am adding a whole load of new goodies to make it a more rounded program, I want to include more help for mama, let's face it, life ain't all about the kids! I have been trying to decide on the content and which modules will go together, high tech version…

I'm very excited about the new set up and looking forward to launching that in September. I also have 2 books in the works, the first should be out by the end of this month, if you want to get your hands on a free copy, make sure you are signed up for the MOC playbook (use the form below).

I also plan to stop doing the Rock Star Mom VIP days, although I enjoy doing them I really want to focus my time on MOC. I have a couple of spots open until the summer then after that I will probably close that down.

I joined a mastermind group this year and the support and help has been amazing, I'm really loving what is going on and so happy that I made the decision to kick teaching English to the curb and throw my energy and passion into something I actually love. Of course I still have the sewing patterns & Montessori files in Etsy but that is pretty much on auto-pilot. Hopefully I will get to design some more patterns in the near future - so many ideas, so little time!

So, now I have a question for you - is there a service or something I could help you with? Please let me know, that is how MOC and CTC came about - you asked, I made it happen!

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