Wednesday 2 July 2014

Guess How Much These Bags Weigh…

There are the bags Ebi-kun has to carry home from school on a Friday. His usual school bag with his books & pencil case etc. Swimming bag, PE kit, Lunch clothes bag, toothbrush and cup, water bottle, indoor shoes, and probably something else!

He was shattered by the time he got in and when I picked up the bags I was shocked at how heavy it all was, so I weighed it. 9.7kg!!!

Poor kid only weighs 22.5kg himself! I think it's ridiculous that they have to cart everything there and back each day/week. I'm pretty sure a good chunk of it could be kept at school or only take in on the day they need it. I'm hoping the next few weeks stay cool because carting that lot there and back in the hottest part of the day is just ridiculous. If it is hot, I might break the rules and go and meet him on my bike.

Walking to and from school is a good idea and I am pretty comfortable with it now, but not when they expect the kids to carry so much crap.

How about your kids, do they have to go through the same endurance test?

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