Tuesday 1 July 2014

Visiting Friends and Party Hard!

We had a fun day Saturday, catching up with friends. Two families were over from the US, so the kids and dads went to footpal in the morning then we all met up for lunch.
It's great that even when the kids don't see each other for months they just still get down and start playing like it was yesterday they last met up! And now that the kids are older, us adults can let our hair down a bit (or a lot in some cases - this jug had some dodgy cocktail in it!)

The kids set up a shop upstairs and we had to keep taking it in turns to go and buy toys , books and massages. 
The kids! And yes, they are all footie fans…

And a rare photo of all the adults! Included some comedy moments, and now my iPhone has about 500 blurred pictures of us on it, thanks Ebi-kun!

All in all it was a great day and some much needed downtime.

Blog posts are likely to be short and sweet for the next couple of weeks as I am busy preparing to get everything ready and set up for when we head to the UK (trying to cut down on my work load whilst we are there, so I can kick back and enjoy myself!)

I do have a BIG (almost $5000 worth of prizes) giveaway coming up this week so do pop back to check that out or hop on the mailing list so you don't miss it….

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