Friday 11 July 2014

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Maybe a chef?

Ebi-kun has always enjoyed food and loves trying new foods, he is really adventurous with his tastebuds! The only issue we have had with food is the speed that he eats, one hour to eat dinner or lunch is not unheard of, he definitely savors each mouthful!

We somehow ended up watching one of Jamie Oliver's food revolution shows the other day, where he went to Huntington in America and non of the kids in the class could name any of the veg Jamie showed them. Ebi-kun just kept repeating, I can't believe it! I can't believe it! He's so funny, 8 going on 80!

He also loves being in the kitchen and will often ask to try two different food together, just to see how it will taste. Maybe he will end up being an ice-cream flavour inventor! Who knows? I do love that he enjoys what he eats and appreciates it and that we can eat out anywhere - if anything, I'm the fussy one!

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