Wednesday 9 July 2014

One for the bloggers…

The doors are open! 

Blog to Kindle is a self paced program to take your amazing blog content and turn it into a fabulous kindle book!

Why do this?

  1. Street Cred. A book gives you instant credibility!
  2. Increase your list - if you are trying to make money online, you need an email list and having an opt-in inside your book means you can easily increase you list, often with people who would never have found your book otherwise
  3. Money! I actually wrote Montessori Inspired to increase my list but it has paid for itself several times over and now is a regular passive income stream!
There is more info over at Blog To Kindle and lots of questions answered there too. The early bird special lasts for a few more days then it goes up to the regular price, I will never be offering the early bird special again!

So if you have got a blog and it is filled with great content, why not make it work for! Checkout Blog To Kindle now!

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