Wednesday 13 August 2014

94 today

Friday was my nana's birthday, a mere 94 years old! She is still going strong although her mind gets a bit forgetful these days - happens to us all and I'm only half her age.

Some fo the family got together for a wee surprise party and we were lucky with weather agin, if fact it was a bit too hot so no-one wanted to stay outside for long.

Ebi-kun was actually due to be born around Cocky's birthday but he arrived a week early.

The cake, no birthday is complete without a cake.

Freaky cat made an appearance, my oldest uncle had bought this for my aunty Jan when she was born, there has been a mystery on how freaky cat got a wonky eye for year - I hate this bloody thing, gives me the heebie-jeebies.

But the truth was revield, my Uncle Si swapped something with is friend to get an air pistol (my Nana knew nothing of this too) and Si used to use Freaky Cat as target practice and that is how Freaky cat got a gammy eye. Jan was not amused...the rest of us were though.

And this is my littlest cousin, there are only 4 years between me and uncle Si and he was a late starter with the kids, so there are 40 years between me and this cheeky chap! If you ask him to smile, this is what he does....

He is absolute cutie, his big sister wouldn't let me get a pic, so it's just the boys...

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