Monday 11 August 2014

A trip to The National Adventure Farm

The other day we met up with my cousin and her two kiddies at the National Adventure Farm and what a great day out we had! The weather was lovely and the kids got straight down to business of playing hard!

It's a big place and you can easily stay all day and not get bored, my cousin lives just down the road and has a season pass, so they know all the good bits to do! We went last time we were in the UK and Ebi-kun couldn't wait to go on the vertical drop slide again.

First up was a ride on the barrels being pulled by a tractor...

Then we decided to go and do the 10 acre maize maze, which meant walking past the scarecrows, they are attempting a world record and had 1500 on display the day we went, you can take your own to put on display or build one there but we ran out of time....

 My mom very sensible decided to wait for us whilst we did the maize, the kids took it in turn to decide which way to go, which as you can imagine, got us lost in a matter of minutes. You do get provided with a flag incase you need help. At one point M decided he'd had enough and just wanted us to wave the flag but we stuck at it and managed to find out way out, we were in there for an hour.

It's the first time I have been in one of this mazes too and it's quite disorientating once you are in there. Luckily there are some look out posts on the way, you can also buy a sealed map, if you don't open it then you get your money back, we told the kids that if we didn't open it we would be able to buy ice-cream, so they were all for doing it the hard way.

After the maze we had some lunch and a play on the big slides inside then the boys decided they wanted to play in the splash area, of course I hadn't taken a change a clothes for Ebi-kun so he borrowed a pair of joggies from M then had to go commando for the rest of the day! This was great, a pile of hose pipes and some barriers to hide behind, the kids were having a whale of a time!

Then it was time for some more bouncing and the assault course, we also did the go-carts and saw the animals somewhere along the line! I was shattered just watching them.

We had arrived just after 10am and left at 5pm, so we got our moneys worth out of it all. The kids can't wait to get together again, hopefully after our trip to Brighton we can have another playdate.

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