Thursday 4 September 2014

Jane Said...

After our enormous yet delicious lunch we met Lesley and her kids and headed off to the Lego shop - Ebi-kun wanted to do the pick and mix again (they don't seem to do this in Japan). So we filled up on Lego then headed back to Lesley's house. By the time we got back I had a blinding headache and had to go and lie down for a bit, not the best behaviour for a guest!

The kids got right down to playing (very loudly I might add, I think they were rather excited!). I managed to get myself vertical so that Lesley and I could go out - it was going to take more than exploding head to keep this gal down! We had tickets for Jane's Addictions 25th anniversary tour and I was VERY excited, a beer and paracetamol cured the bad head and the band were frickin' awesome!

It was also brilliant to spend some kid free time with lesley, catch up on the gossip and just hang out - I love how I have friends that I might not see for months, sometimes years but when we get together it is just like we only saw each other the day before.

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