Friday 12 September 2014

The Last Day...

Always the hardest. Not just because of the packing and me sitting on the suitcase willing it to shut - I bought a whole new wardrobe for me! It was a good job we had a bigger luggage allowance than usual.

We popped across the green to discover that the conker trees we starting to drop their treasure, last time we were home and the cockers were out, Ebi-kun was too young to learn to play, so we collected a handful to bring back with us.

There were some strange antics going on, apparently Ebi-kun was a racing driver of a super car and my mom was ??? the engine? Who knows but they were having fun!

We popped out to pick up some last minute bits and bobs and dropped by at the little farm shop, which has grown considerably! They now have lamas, this one was a firm favourite, just look how cute he is!

Then last night snuggles watching Deal or No Deal - to which Ebi-kun seems to be addicted, that and The Cube.

It was an amazing trip home, we did so much and had so much fun. Plus I didn't have to suffer the Japanese summer, which is always a good thing.

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