Saturday 13 September 2014

Home again Home again jiggity jig...

Long flight back, first to Doha and then onto Narita. We have found that although the flight time is longer doing it this way it is 
A, cheaper
B, easier 

We used to fly into Europe somewhere, then have to hang about for 3 hours before catching a 1 hour flight into Manchester and I can tell you, that last short flight is a KILLER. With the two longer flights it meant that we weren't stuck in the same spot for 13 hours, we could have a nap if we wanted, long enough for a decent sleep, eat or just watch films. Kinder on the body.

I feel far more rested splitting the flight up this way.

The other thing we have started doing (and I have been surprised that many people didn't know that this is an option) a week or so before the flight I go onto the airline website and order a "special meal" there is usually a list of different meal types, gluten free, halal, veggie, vegan,  raw, etc.

I choose the fruit platter, I did try the raw platter going out but it wasn't very nice, the veg was dried out. So the fruit platter is the way to go! So yes, basically you get a whole load of fruit, I asked for some bread too when they were giving out the food, that wasn't included.

I'm not a fan of the regular airline meals and often feel bloated afterwards and Ebi-kun just turns his nose up in disgust at the kids ones, especially when they are mini sausage, nuggets and the such like. At least with the fruit he is actually eating and he did pretty much demolish it all. All the long haul flights I have been on in the last 6 years or so have this option, I've not flown to North America though, so I don't know if those airlines do it.

The flight themselves were pretty uneventful - which is the way you want a flight to be! This was the view as we came in at Narita, a nice welcome home.

And here is an excited little boy who couldn't wait to see daddy...

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