Monday 27 October 2014

Halloween Bento Boxes...

Halloween came early for us this year as we couldn't have the party next weekend, we had great fun and I have a lot to share so I have broken it down into smaller posts.

I decided to make some bento's up for the kids, yeah, you know these are going to be good - the kids know me too well and were hesitant to open the boxes *evil cackle*

I had a big pile of card egg boxes which were perfect for the job, just needed a bit of personalization first. 

Dreadfully Delicious Delicacies
Heavenly nibbles from body parts, fresh from the house of Ebi

And inside, ohhh how yummy.... We have zombie toenails, giant cockroach eggs, severed fingers, freshly picked eyeballs, flayed skin, poached brains with fresh flesh and witches warts. Delicious no?

Some of the kids demolished the lot, Ebi-kun asked for a second bento! The darling Disney princess wouldn't eat anything until I told her what it really was, then she was perfectly happen to munch on delicate fingers! I think in this picture they were letting one of the older kids sample some of the delicacies first!

No doubt some people are the same and want to know what is included...
Severed Fingers - wiener sausages with onion nails and ketchup (tutorial HERE)
Witches Warts - Japanese pickles
Brains and fresh flesh - A type of jelly with jam (will post the recipe tomorrow)
Giant Cockroach Eggs - Black beans
Zombie Toenails - Burdock chips
Flayed Skin - Parma ham
Freshly Picked Eyeballs - Boiled Egg (Tutorial HERE)

Using the egg cartons turned out to be a great idea - easy to transport and no washing up! If you liked this post feel free to pin it or share it or both!

I have put together my favourite Fun & Fast Ghoulish Halloween Treats into an ebook so you can whip them up at anytime (why just serve ghoulish food at Halloween?)
17 absolutely disgustingly delicious treat ideas...

All fast and fun to make
All pretty healthy, made from kitchen basics
Most of them suitable to make with the kids too

PLUS a bonus labels pack too!

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