Tuesday 14 October 2014

The Typhoon That Wasn't...

Again we were all braced for this super typhoon that was headed our way but it was nothing more than heavy rain again, although some parts of Japan, Okinawa especially took quite a battering. It was a 3 day weekend but because we were expecting a big nasty typhoon we didn't plan anything. Instead we had a major clean out, which was good because I had been putting off doing it for a while.

The studio was full of piles of stuff to be thrown out, so it is all sorted. A big box of clothes to go to Joni in Iwate for the tsunami survivors, who are still living in temporary accommodation - temporary my arse!

Another big box of boys clothes. A selection of outgrown toys and puzzles, a box of Japanese books that we took to Book Off (yes, it really is called that) and made a bit of money there plus a beer pump that hubby had gotten for free - don't ask, we managed to sell that too!

Then there is this big pile of books... mostly English with some Japanese kids books thrown in too. Hoping to sell all of these. 

To motivate the rest of the family to help with this wee project, we decided that all the money we make will go towards or winter skiing trip, maybe an extra day skiing or a hotel upgrade, we will see!

I do wish Japan had charity shops like they do back home, I would be totally happy to just donate it all if I knew a charity were going to be able to make money from it. Where my mom lives, they are spoilt for choice when it comes to charity shops, there are about 10 in the town!

They also have charities that post bags through the door, just fill it up and leave it on a designated day - how easy is that? Someone needs to start that here!

If you are in Japan and after English books, I will be posting them in Japan Garage Sale and Japan Garage Sale Kids (these are free facebook groups to buy and sell your things)

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