Wednesday 15 October 2014

Ready to Declutter Your Home In Time For The Holidays?

Yes it's back! We are doing the Holiday Havoc Bootcamp again as the run up to the November in take of Clear The Clutter.

How does it all work?

1. Sign up using the form below

2. Go and click the link in the email sitting in your inbox - or you won't be in!

3. Join the Facebook group - you will get the link when you sign up

3. The bootcamp kicks off October 20th so expect an email from me on the 19th

4. Each day of the bootcamp you will get a mission in the form of an email, complete your mission, take a pic and post it in the facebook group with any brags, a-ha moments and funny finds!

Why does it work?

OK, this is not a solution to your chaos in your home, this is like doing a detox to kick start your diet. So when you do a detox you take a few days to concentrate on all the crap in your body and work on getting it out, but a detox isn’t a long term solution is it? No way Jose, you need to change your diet, your way of eating, what you put into your body for it to work. Well, the bootcamp is just like that. 

For a week we concentrate on getting as much crap out as possible then, those who continue with Clear The Clutter will be on the healthy eating plan but for their home. Consciously being aware of what is being bought in and which habits need to be broken.

Doing it with friends, in a group, keeps you accountable which means you actually DO IT rather than think about doing it!

Holiday season is when we welcome friends, family and gifts into our home, it shouldn’t be a time to feel ashamed or stressed at the state of your home, so grab yourself some empty bags and boxes and let’s do this!

Sign up below…don’t worry, I will never sell or do anything dodgy with your email address, it’s safe with me. I will be sending you my weekly playbook filled with cool ideas, tips and tricks but if it doesn’t rock your boat, you can unsubscribe after the bootcamp – I won’t be offended and we can still be friends

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