Saturday 1 November 2014

Halloween Party 2014

We had a great Halloween party this year and thankfully the weather was actually nice for a change (unlike the year where we drove in a typhoon to get there!) Our friend live in a great spot with the park right opposite the house.
So we set un in the park, which was quite amusing since we were a week early and Halloween is not such a big deal in Japan, we got many a strange look!

We started off with lunch, of course you have seen the kids bentos, the punch, graveyard cake and brains already. Jack made these great pepper Jack O'lanterns filled with spaghetti...

After lunch we went round to the local cake shop to Trick or Treat, they give anyone is costume a treat so us adults got some too! Yes, that headless salaryman is my husband!

Each family was asked to prepare a game. Ebi-kun made one where you had to do janken (rock, paper,scissors) and winners won a card BUT the card either had a curse, a quiz or exchange for a treat. They also played the eye and spoon race and other fun games until dusk.

My minimal costume was basically black clothes (90% of my wardrobe) and makeup plus a scythe.

Yasutoki's was made by attaching 2 straps to a cardboard box, the box was then covered with a polo neck shirt and put into a mac. I used 2 draft excluders with gloves attached to one end as the arms and some scrunched up newspaper painted dark red as the severed neck. Very little work but was very effective!

Of course those two princesse could have made more of an effort, I did offer to help them look not-so-pretty with my bag of tricks make-up but neither of them wanted to take me up on my offer, i don't know what's wrong with girls these days :D

When it started to get dark we went inside for supper and wine tasting - not for the kid, obviously! Then once it had gone properly dark, H-kun had set up a game in the park where the kids needed to find the glowing lights then look for the clue nearby, once they found that they had to find an adult to tell the answer to and get their treat. H-kun instructed me to hide with the treats, which I did but I was stood there for ages and heard and saw no-one so I thought maybe the game was over. 

I started walking down the path, only to be spotted by a big group of junior high school boys, I then spotted our kids so I dashed towards the woods, only to be chased the the JH boys! I realised that I had left the park so ran down the road and came back in via the car park only to be surrounded by JH boys.

Back home that would have been quite scary but here the kids were more scared of me - although that could have been the make-ip and scythe! So, our kids got their treats and we wrapped it up and headed home. 

Brilliant day of fun, can't wait for next year! 
Finally my favourite photo, it just cracks me up...

I have put together my favourite Fun & Fast Ghoulish Halloween Treats into an ebook so you can whip them up at anytime (why just serve ghoulish food at Halloween?)
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