Sunday 2 November 2014

Aikido BBQ

Waaaaay behind with my posts thanks to Halloween! So the day after the halloween party we had the Aikido group BBQ held at Maruyama park. I didn't know until last year they even had cabins and BBQ spot! 
In good Japanese style, the drinking started early - which was actually just topping up for me since I'd had a glass or two! at the halloween party.

We were, of course, back to our gorgeous selves. The food was excellent but i always feel a bit like a spare part, it's mostly the blokes there and you know what blokes and BBQs are like!

The kids spent most of the time racing around, stopping only for food.

Oh yes, and then there was bingo, once you had a line you could pick a prize but then had to do a pose for the camera, the guy even had a set of 'pose' cards!

We finished up a round three and headed back, great weekend, very busy which means I could have done with a day off on Monday! If I wasn't already taking Friday off I might have been tempted to do that.

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