Saturday 8 November 2014

Something fishy....

When we go to the in-laws, they do like spoil the boy! This means feeding him LOADS of sashimi, I never imagined I would let someone feed my child raw fish, but there you go!

For those of you who don't know, I don't do fish, it makes me feel sick, the smell, the taste - the whole thing, this picture turns my stomach...

So I usually pick up some salad and chicken and I'm good. BUT this time I had some nice sticky sesame chicken, and I had eaten a couple of pieces, then as I was chewing the last one I had this HORRIBLE fishy flavour and suddenly a crunch or two, obviously I spat the offending food out, only to find a shrimp tail in my chicken!!! 

I was this --> <-- close="" p="" throwing="" to="" up.="">

THEN...oh yes, it gets worse. Ebi-kun managed to drop some of those horrible, stinky little fish (the stuff that looks like cat food) in my wine!! 

Seriously not amused. Urgh, it is making me feel queasy again typing this!

On the upside, they had pick and mix mini tomatoes at the supermarket, how cool is that? No fish included, double bonus!

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