Thursday 6 November 2014

Vintage Photos Of Japan...

When we were at the in-laws we somehow managed to get the old photo albums out. I LOVE looking through old photos, which is probably why I take some many myself. There was a lot of giggling - mainly at the hysterical outfits from the 1970s!

Here is my husband and his big brother, who looks like he is in his entrance ceremony outfit for school and Hubby (right) is in his yochien uniform (kindergarten) Although Ebi-kun went to a completely different school, the uniform was very similar.

Bit younger here, check out the cool bike with the steering wheel! And I'm not allowed to mention the red shorts and white tights combo - really, who puts boys in white?

This is from the yochien album, great to see the kids playing, most of the photos are so stoic, it would be easy to believe that no one smiled back then!

Undokai (sports festival)...

I think this picture got the most laughs, still cracks me up...

Enough of funny little boys, here is Baa-chan, on the left maybe this was for 3-5-7 ceremony, don't they look adorable?

And here she is again, looking stunning in her wedding kimono...

And finally, this is Ebi-kuns great-grandmother who is now 97!

So much fun going through all these albums and Ebi-kun loved seeing his dad as a baby/kid too. Great way to spend an afternoon.

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