Thursday 8 January 2015

Bambi eat your heart out...

The next town over has just opened a new ice-rink, so we thought we'd go and try it out. Ebi-kun has only skated once before and that was at a tiny rink in the UK for about 30 minutes (most of that time was spent on his arse) 

The rink is great, you pay for your skate hire then it is all self service and they have tubs full of helmets which I think is a brilliant idea (after seeing a lad get his head cut open with a skate, it's definitely a great idea!)

Took him quite some time to find his feet as it were. There are actually two rinks, a big one and a smaller one which is where they were holding lessons when we arrived but that got opened up to the public an hour or so later. I fell on my knees at one stage, no thanks to Ebi-kuns Bambi like technique and a week later I still have two cracking bruises to show for it!

Pictures may speak a thousand words but videos just make you want to pee your pants laughing....

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