Saturday 10 January 2015

End of year Harry Potter Day

Ebi-kun and I have been reading the Harry Potter books, currently on book 3 and of course, like any good HP fan he is totally hooked. And I have to say I am loving reading them again as it's been years since I first read them.

We were planning on going to the mountains early New Years day so we decided to have a low key new years eve. After getting everything packed we had a lunch of Leaky Cauldron Soup (basically leak and potato soup!) then a butter beer to accompany the movie, we actually watched 1 and 2 - very exciting! The butter beer went down well at first but half way through he decided it was too sweet. I couldn't find the right kind of soda so we used the Japanese kids fake beer. I wasn't fussed on the soda but the caramel cream on the top - oh my, I will be making that again, it would be great with pancakes (not so great for the waistline!)

We also had some magic wands (pocky midi with sprinkles) which didn't last very long at all!

And for dinner, Quidditch Pie of course. Apparently it is somewhat like shepherds pie and eaten before or after a big quidditch game. My version was actually cottage pie (no mince lamb here) and really tasty, I have to make this more often!

That was our new years eve, we were all tucked up in bed before the bells tolled midnight all ready for our skiing adventure the next day...

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