Friday 30 January 2015

Bananas Over His New Game

One of our UK friends George, recommended the game Bananagrams to Ebi-kun, his mom explained it was a bit like scrabble but you have your own game going on. Well, scrabble doesn't work well in this house because of the mixed levels, I always win, hahaha I don't mind but the others do!

It works much better than scrabble, we have had no meltdowns or tantrums so that is a win if you ask me. Basically it's a bag of tiles, each player takes a set number of tiles, turns them face up and tries to make them into a crossword or scrabble type figuration.

If you get stuck with a letter you can put it back but you have to take 3 more tiles and if you finish all your tiles you pull and new one from the pile and all the other players have to do the same.

The other great thing is about Bananagrams is that you can switch letters or completely change your layout. You keep playing until there are no tiles left. There are other variations of the game too. I don't like letting kids win all the time, I don't think it teaches them good sportsmanship but on the other hand I think sometimes we need to level the playing field, it's much easier to do that with this cam than it is with scrabble.

And of course, it's using words so a great educational game to boot. So a big thank you to George for the recommendation and to Di for getting it for Ebi-kun at Christmas.

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