Thursday 15 January 2015

Out With The Old and In With The New baaaa

We had to take the old Hamaya (lucky arrow) back to the shrine and get a new one for the year of the ram/sheep. We always go to this shrine even though it's not the closest to our house, I think they have a better selection and sell the goods for longer, I seem to remember the local place is only open for actual new years and the day after - and of course we were up a mountain at that time.

This is the new hamaya, well the tag on it, you write your wish for the year on the back then hang it in the genkan (entranceway)

We also got omekugi (?) which is a fortune teller, mine was mediocre, good luck I don't believe in such nonsense!

Hubby's fortune wasn't so great so he tied it to the fence in the shrine which is supposed to leave the bad luck there...

If you believe in such things lol!

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